What is a Discipleship Training School?

A Discipleship Training School, or DTS, is a 5-6 month training program designed to help you grow in your relationship with God; in your understanding of your purpose and calling in this world; and in your understanding of missions and how you could be a part of this either inside or outside of a mission’s organization. Bible study, worship, prayer, community work, and sharing your faith are especially important parts of a DTS.

A DTS consists of two parts namely the Lecture & the Outreach phase.

Lecture phase: The first 12 weeks of the school are what is called the Lecture phase. During this time you will have a different speaker every week and you will learn about topics like The Nature and Character of God, Missions, Hearing God’s Voice & Intercessory Prayer. During this time you will also learn about how to do outreach, both in your own communities and oversees.

Outreach phase: The second part of the school consists of 8-12 weeks of overseas outreach followed by 1-2 weeks of debrief. During this time you will have the chance to use what you learned during your lecture phase to reach out to others and process your experiences on the field.

Next DTS Start Dates:  January 8th, 2018