What are some of the things that make Utah, unique? Let’s look at a few:

A state with Young people

Utah is the only state in America where more than 30% of the population is under the age of 18. This makes Utah a great place to do missions as a family & to reach out to young people in general. Since there are several colleges inside of Utah, many of these “under 18 year old’s” will stay in Utah for at least their college years.

LDS “Headquarters” (Latter Day Saints, or Mormonism)

Utah plays a large role, both in the history of the LDS church and in present Mormonism. With more than 60% of Utah’s population belonging to the LDS church, and with the Salt Lake Temple in the very heart of Salt Lake city, Utah is a great place to learn more about this faith that at first glance can look similar to our Christian faith.

In addition, Utah is a great place to build relationship with and reach out to people inside of the LDS church. Whether you have had Mormon friends your whole life, or whether this is the first time you hear about either the LDS Church or Mormonism, you are welcome to come and learn, serve & build relationship alongside of us!

The outdoors

Utah is a great state for exploring the outdoors, for skiing and for general adventuring. Home to several of America’s national parks, Utah is a great place not just to get to know the people, but also to explore some of the rest of God’s beautiful creation.

The outdoors and outreach of course don’t have to be separated. Though fun and rest can certainly be found on Utah’s many trails and Nature parks, these are also opportune places to build relationships with other people who like to explore the outdoors, or even to let you be shown around by new friends that you made inside while living in Utah.

A little farther away, but worth checking out: The Crystal Hot Springs.

God’s heart for Utah

These are just some of the things that make Utah unique. But the greatest reason that we are starting YWAM in Utah, is because God has given us a heart for this specific state – this state with many young people, national parks and with a rich history in the LDS church. We belief that God has a plan for this place and that from here, He wants to reach the nations as well.

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