Why Utah?

Utah is an incredibly beautiful state with lots of opportunities for ministries that are just starting up and we want to be a part of that process here!

Our YWAM location is starting up in Ogden and taking a special focus on hospitality and pioneering – we love cities, the people that call Utah home, and the outdoors that Utah offers to people from around the world.

We encourage you to read this with an open heart – if God is drawing you to this state we welcome you and pray that God would show you a way that you can serve its people in one of the cities, the rural countryside, the outdoors, or in a brand new way!

Several Cities

Utah is unique in that it has a population of about 3 million people, mostly spread out over only several cities.

A strong majority live in between Ogden, Salt Lake City, and Provo, with another two outliers being Logan in the north and St. George in the south. Other smaller cities may be centered around the ski sport industry, education, or other specific focuses. These cities tend to each have unique expressions that make them special.

Larger Cities

  • Salt Lake City – capital, university, cosmopolitan culture, refugees
  • Ogden/Clearfield – military, university, immigration culture
  • Provo – university
  • Logan – university
  • St. George – outdoors

Smaller Cities of Note

  • Heber & Park City – ski resorts, film, tourism
  • Brigham City – orchards
  • Cedar City – university
  • Moab – outdoors

As of yet, Ogden is the only city in Utah with YWAM location actively starting up – we would love to have more locations in the state!

A State with Young People and Families

Utah is the youngest state in America in terms of population, just more than 30% of the population is under the age of 18. It also has the highest rate of birth in the United States.

This makes Utah a great place to do missions as a family and to reach out to young people in general. There are many opportunities for families to have fun together in the form of parks, museums, zoos, libraries, and other attractions. We’ve also found that the outdoor aspect of the state is also geared toward being family friendly. It is one of the really interesting aspects of culture here.

This opens the doors for ministry focused on families – moms especially!

As Utah is also home of several universities, we also find a lot of students who are traveling to Utah for education or attending locally. This has opened the doors to meet with a lot of young people while they are just getting out of the house, finding their feet, and looking for community to grow in.

We are looking forward to seeing more focuses on college students throughout the state!

The Outdoors

Being home to several of America’s national parks and many ski resorts, Utah is a great place to explore some of God’s beautiful creation.

Enjoying the outdoors and participating in outreach doesn’t have to be separated, of course – many of Utah’s residents are engaged in outdoor sports such as skiing, mountain biking, hiking, and running. God is already at work revealing Himself through the beauty of creation and we get partner with Him in that!

So, come make friends and enjoy the outdoors with them!

National Parks in Utah

Ski Resorts in Utah

God’s heart for Utah

These are just some of the things that make Utah unique. But the greatest reason that we are starting YWAM in Utah is because God has given us a heart for this specific state – this state with many young people, national parks and with a rich history in the LDS church. We believe that God has a plan for this place and that from here, He wants to reach the nations as well.

Would you like to learn more about Utah or about how you could minister in the state?

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