God has given us a vision to start Youth With A Mission in the state of Utah. Do you feel like God is calling you to get involved or help out in any way at YWAM Utah Campus? Here are some ways in which you could get involved:

  • Join staff
  • Do your Discipleship Training School
  • Promote – tell others about us!
  • Donate
  • Provide a Scholarship
  • Pray
  • Visit – alone or as a YWAM DTS/Secondary school team

Please check out the pages below for more information on specific ways in which you could get involved.

Ways to pray:

Your prayers are important! Some of the area’s where we could use your prayers are:

  • Unity – both within our team and within the churches in Utah.
  • Favor – with family, supporters and in the area where we hope to work.
  • Students – for our upcoming 2016 Utah Compassion DTS.
  • Staff – for the Discipleship training school, for continued ministry in Utah & to join our pioneering team.
  • Communication – both within and outside of our team & AGAINST miscommunication.
  • Finances – for individual staff members, students & for YWAM Utah campus as a whole.
  • Guidance – that we may never forget our God whose vision we serve.
  • Health – that we may not be held back.
  • Hope – that we may never give up.