Special Focus: Archery

DTS students may choose to participate in our Archery Track.

The focus of this track is to train your mind to look for sub-cultures in people groups. Each people group has many sub-cultures included in it which can help relate the Gospel. Some of these sub-cultures create unity from one group of people to another.

In addition to your normal studies you will learn how to construct a simple bow, research how archery has shaped parts of a nation’s culture (such as England or Mongolia), and practice your skills while building relationships with others who practice archery.

Added Time and Cost

  • Research projects in addition to the regular DTS curriculum projects
  • Extra fees for traveling with a bow and arrows (if applicable)
  • Extra cost of an archery range membership
  • 5-10 hours of Additional Scheduled Time


We would love to have you as a part of our school! If you are ready to apply we welcome you to fill out an application; however, if you would like to first speak with someone from our team or ask a question please let us know!


Ready to apply?

If you feel like you’ve read enough we welcome you to start filling out your application.

God bless you! And we hope to see you here.