Special Focus: Winter Compassion

Acts of compassion may be easier to imagine in the Summer, but what happens when the snow falls and it gets really, really inhospitable outside?

Much of the world’s people find themselves in varying degrees of winter situations each year and it is often an overlooked moment. The same people who are homeless in the Summer are often homeless in the winter, families that are in need in the Summer are in need in need in the winter too. I remember one night on my own DTS outreach when we were in northern India. It was Winter and had gotten cold – no snow, decent temperatures considering where I was from, but cold enough for people to start getting sick and dying. We went to a street where hundreds of families camped out – many of them widows with children.  We distributed food and blankets, but it was only one night.

Compassion is greater than sharing a moment with someone, it is living in the same world, sharing the same seasons, taking part in the same hardships together – just like Jesus did with us.  We will strive to look at situations in both the immediate need and the long-term strategy in mind.

Added Cost and Time

Each of our DTS’s taking place in the winter have the Winter Compassion focus built-in.

If you are choosing this as an extra special focus of your DTS, expect to spend more time outside in winter environments and serving alongside ministries providing shelter and care to people.


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