Special Focus: Snow Sports

During our winter schools spend some of your scheduled and free time on the mountains of Ogden, UT.

On the mountain you will learn how to use your time to reach out to other snow sport enthusiasts in ways that make sense and builds relationships. There are several parks to choose from and each have shuttle service from Ogden. You may include learning to snowboard, downhill ski, or cross-country ski in this special focus.

Added Time and Cost:

  • Price of a Season or Partial Season Pass at the Park of Your Choice
  • An extra 10 – 15 hours of activities per week


We would love to have you as a part of our school! If you are ready to apply we welcome you to fill out an application; however, if you would like to first speak with someone from our team or ask a question please let us know!


Ready to apply?

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God bless you! And we hope to see you here.