Your time to reach out

Outreach phase of the Discipleship Training School is the portion of the school where special emphasis is placed on our ability to share our faith, reach out to others, experience cross-cultural situations, and put what we learned as a team into practice as a team.

Your lecture phase was meant to prepare you for this point and you will have received some training on the specific place you will be going to and the culture of the people there. This includes many experiences, but outreach is more than an experience. Within the outreach you will partner with God to reveal Himself to the people you are reaching out to. This will be a team effort. Lots of time will be spent in prayer to get His heart for the people we meet with day to day.

What does outreach look like?

Our outreaches tend to be between 8-12 weeks long and may be held all over the world, though, there are some principles that help us decide where to go.

  • Invitations
  • The Word of the Lord
  • No Gospel Access, Low Gospel Access, High Gospel Access with High Cultural Walls

We are committed to praying about joining others that invite us to join them in ministry and outreach. We are committed to relationships. We are a family in YWAM and we are a part of the kingdom in the body of Christ completing the great commission.

At the end of the day we do not rely on what would be the most practical to us, but rather on the Word of the Lord – this is a really strong emphasis in YWAM. Staff and students may take time during the DTS to decide on where they will go on outreach as a team.

We want to focus on places where either the gospel hasn’t been shared or is in short supply. Much of the world is in these two categories. Another facet, places where it is difficult to share because of cultural barriers, makes up another great chunk of the world.


We will aim to have approximately 45 hours of scheduled activities each week. Out of those 45, we will spend 30 hours each week practically reaching out to others and helping them grow closer to God. In addition we will spend at least 15 hours each week as a team; focusing on God, interceding in prayer for people and for each other, as well as, enjoying our time together as a team.

During the outreach phase we will aim to give you at least 1 day a week off, as well as 1/3rd of every day be it morning, afternoon, or evening. During this time you will be able to hang out, explore the culture, do laundry, go shopping, contact home, or spend some time by yourself.

Possible outreach locations during 2019 and 2020

Southern and Southeast Asia, Europe (refugees), Brazil (Amazon)

Ready to apply?

If you feel like you’ve read enough we welcome you to start filling out your application.

God bless you! And we hope to see you here.