Outreach Phase

Our outreach phase will be nine weeks of working together with God and with your team to pour out God’s love to others. We all know that we live in a broken world and that God’s light and love is needed in many, many places. Depending on the number of students and staff that we will have we may have more than one outreach option. However, the two main nations that God has placed on our hearts for outreach so far are: Hungary (Budapest) & Greece (Athens).  

Our plan is to spend the first six weeks of our outreach in Budapest Hungary, where we would partner with the YWAM base there. Then, for the last three weeks of our outreach we will travel down to Athens Greece where we will partner with several YWAM locations from North America to reach out to refugees in Athens.

During the outreach phase we will be working with people on the street (especially in Budapest) and with refugees (especially in Athens). In addition, we might also be working with churches or even with students. To some we will be specifically focused on showing God’s love, while to others we might speak about the importance of showing God’s love no matter where we are. You will also be encouraged to use any opportunity that you get to help out someone in need or to share about the God we serve. Together we will be praying for many opportunities during our outreach time.

Weekly schedule
During outreach phase we will aim to have approximately 45 hours of scheduled activities each week. Out of those 45, we will spend 30 hours each week practically reaching out to others and helping them grow closer to God. In addition we will spend at least 15 hours each week as a team, being focused on God and praying with and for each other.

During the outreach phase we will aim to give you at least 1 day a week off, as well as 1/3rd of every day be it morning, afternoon, or evening. During this time you will be able to hang out, explore the culture, do laundry, go shopping, contact home, or spent some time by yourself.

Debrief & Graduation

For our school debrief we will all come together in The Netherlands.

We will spend about a week and a half to rest, acclimatize, have fun and share our stories with each other. You will also have your graduation in The Netherlands after which you will be free to go home. People going back to America can travel back together and are free to stay for another few days in Utah with our team, but if you would rather take another two weeks or so to explore Europe than we are more than happy to schedule your plane tickets to make this possible.