Do you have a passion for writing, and do you want to learn how you can use writing for ministry purposes? Then this opportunity might be for you. One afternoon a week we will come together to learn about a writing concept and to give feedback on each other’s work. You will also get writing assignments which you are expected to complete on top of your normal DTS coursework.

Writing about yourself: During the first half of the lecture phase, we will focus on writing about ourselves. Learning how to share stories of your own life in an engaging way, will be great for sharing stories from your DTS with people who support you. It will also help you to write down your testimony in a way that can make an impact on others. We will start this section with some small assignments to get a hang of the writing concepts you will use, and we will finish by writing a memoir – a short story about a specific experience that impacted you and from which you learned something new about yourself and/or about God.

Writing about others: During the second half of the lecture phase, we will focus on what I call “outreach writing.” During this section we will start by practicing interviewing each other and writing down a story about one of our peers. We will end this section by asking God to point out someone on the street whom he would like us to get to know and write a story about. A challenge, yes, but if you get the taste for it, this might be a great possibility for getting to know people and share their stories during the outreach phase as well. And remember, people are often more willing to listen to what you have to say, after you have first listened to their story.

Would you like to know more about either of these opportunities? Please don’t hesitate to contact us with your questions!

Added Time & Cost:

Extra writing projects in addition to the regular DTS project requirements