After the outreach is finished we spend two weeks processing our experiences on outreach, reflecting on the DTS as a whole, and preparing for re-entry. This weeks may be in-country, mixed with travel, and back at the location where we run our lecture phase.

Processing the Outreach 

During an outreach we experience all sorts new social interactions and relationships. Debrief helps us sort out those experiences – at times this means letting go of rejection, or it may mean learning to cherish a memory. We learn to do this throughout outreach, but debrief is a special time for this.


Following our processing of the cross-cultural outreach we help process what it is like to come home. Many of us have experienced this and we lean on experience and relationship with God to sort out new/old familiar feelings.

UofN Opportunities

After taking the DTS there are many secondary schools that you can take to further develop your calling in missions or to give a missions context to your work in business, government, education, local church, family, media, and celebration. Debrief helps you process these opportunities.


The last conclusion to the DTS is sharing your story at the graduation – parents, friends, and the wider community are welcome to come. You’ll get to demonstrate new skills and give folks a glimpse of a world that they may have never seen before.

Don’t take it lightly!

By taking on the challenge of missions you take on a unique roll in the kingdom of God – you’ve experienced another culture and given your heart to God at the same time. He changes us through this process in so many ways and you may become a resource to your community; for unity and understanding in cross-cultural situations, a spokesman for what it means to be a missionary, and a person to talk to about the wider world.