Engage the Middle-Eastern Refugee Crises by pioneering new works to meet current needs and bring healing to the nations.


Currently YWAM and other ministries are working to bring aid, hope, and healing to refugees all across the globe. This isn’t a new trend for YWAM, but something that has become a part of who we are as a mission through mercy ministries.

Many new ministries are popping up in the Middle-East, Europe, and America to meet the needs of refugee communities.  Here are a few ways a refugee focused ministry could look:

  • A Coffee House
  • A Counseling Ministry
  • An English Learning Class/Center
  • Welcoming Refugees from the Airport
  • Helping Refugees Transition to a New Country
  • Planting Churches among Refugees

Add your ideas to the list!

Added Curriculum

Some of the added material will include interviewing the leaders of refugee ministries, meeting with refugee families, researching the current and past refugee crisis, and possibly working with a refugee ministry during the school. Internships with refugee ministries following the school may also be possible.

If you would like more information about this track of the school please contact us!

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