Apostolic Catalyst Training School

March 5th – May 27th


“The Apostolic Catalyst Training School is designed to equip pioneers with the skills, knowledge, and character to pioneer new YWAM bases, schools, mercy ministries, and outreach initiatives.”

Dates: March 5th 2017 – May 27th 2017
Cost: $3000


Must have completed a Discipleship Training School with YWAM.


The method of teaching practiced at the ACTS is to get a bunch of pioneers together – students, staff, and speakers – and start learning from each other. There are opportunities for students to discuss new ideas, grow in leadership, and build relationships with other pioneers.

The school is 12 weeks long – during this time students learn from speakers, spend time developing vision with God, receive feedback from the other students and staff, complete assignments, present homework, and read a variety of books, articles, and research. The school also has time set aside for worship, intercession, and community meals. An average week will include 50 learning hours/activities during school hours.

Common Weekly Topics

Here are weekly topics that frequently show up during the ACTS – the full curriculum is longer than this, but some topics are covered in-depth and some are spread out over the course of the school.

  • Faith in Pioneering
  • Counting the Cost
  • Leadership
  • Vision
  • Team
  • Reaching Cities
  • Church Planting Movements
  • Business As Mission
  • General Operations
  • Pastoral Care
  • F.A.R.M.


As the school has run around the world we are constantly seeing God develop and impart vision in new ways!

For some students this has meant moving to new nations, pioneering bases where there weren’t any before, starting new ministries to reach an untouched people group in a local city, or planting churches among unreached people groups. At YWAM Utah Campus we are just getting started here in the state of Utah and we would love to see new works started here as well! If you have a heart to start something new in this state, please, we would love to partner with you!

If you would like more information about the school please contact us!

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