YWAM Utah Campus is a campus of YWAM Idaho and one of our privileges is getting to set up outreach┬átrips for YWAM Idaho’s MA program!

Six Days of Outreach

Your first day will be spent driving from YWAM Idaho’s beautiful mountain campground in Idaho to Ogden, UT. In between will be a chance to visit and have a lunch at Shoshone Falls, ID. Dinner is served in Ogden and a night hike happens right afterwards to pray over the city as the lights shine into the night.

Days two through five can be a combination of ministry opportunities – ranging from street ministry among our homeless community, visiting a college campus, or learning about the Latter Day Saint faith and what life is like for the people of Utah. Many of our outreach opportunities partner with existing ministries so that our efforts add to the greater whole of what is going on in Utah!

On the last day of outreach we clean up our facilities and have one last time of debrief. Students and staff of the program are able to share about what impacted them the most, what challenges they faced, and what they learned to appreciate in each other and in Utah.

Many of our teams head off to spend the day at the Lagoon water park when their outreach is finished too!

Prices & Details

All finances, applications, and materials are handled by the YWAM Idaho campus – please visit their page for more details!

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