What would a week, several days, a weekend, or a day of outreach look like for you and your youth group?

Summer Outreach in Ogden

As YWAM Ogden we offer outreaches for individuals and teams in our local area. These outreaches provide facilitators as you go about the city, training for your outreach, contacts to volunteer with, and folks to talk to when processing your experiences.

Common ways we practice outreach:

  • Prayer Walking
  • Volunteering at the Ogden Rescue Mission
  • Conversationally sharing our testimonies and praying for folks
  • Visiting local places and events in order to strike up conversations about life and faith

In addition to this, we prepare for outreach by:

  • Visiting and Praying at important places in Ogden
  • Learn how to quickly share the Gospel in understandable ways
  • Learn about the culture and history of the city, as well as, the people who live here
  • Eating local foods that share the culture of the city and the nations living here
  • Spending time listening for God’s voice and praying for the people

Prices & Details

TBA: Contact us for details, it is possible to host groups during off seasons.

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