Is God calling you to to join staff?

We are growing our pioneering team here in Ogden, Utah!

If you have a heart for the city and reaching out to bless the nations we’d love to hear from you! Heads up! This is a pioneering work – it is amazing to break ground, but it also requires a tenacious spirit, love for doing new things, creating things from scratch, and a lot of dependence on God!


The gateway to join the team in a full-time operational way (or any full-time YWAM work) is to first complete the Discipleship Training School at a YWAM location.

Doing your DTS at our location is not a requirement, but it may help you know if this is a good fit.

We love local folks partnering and participating in YWAM as volunteers as well!

What is the process?

The first step is to reach out! Let us know that you are interested and we will get in contact and send an application to you. We consider character, calling, and experience in all of our applications. A background check, application fee, and an online child safety training will be required.

As a team, we pray over applications as they come in and walk through the process as personally as possible.

As a staff person, you will be a part of the greater YWAM Idaho, Boise-Cascade team, just like the rest of us.

Who are you looking for?

In general, we are looking for pioneers who want to get YWAM Utah Campus off the ground. We are on track to become a unique YWAM location and we need help to do so! We also need Discipleship Training School staff to help us launch the DTS program here.

Specific goals for growth mean looking for folks skilled in communication (websites, social media, writing + phone calls, building local relationships + photos, flyers); ministry (serving in the community); outreach (leading teams in the community and overseas); training (DTS and other opportunities); music, worship, and intercession (networking, partnering with others in the area, hosting events for the community).

If you have an idea that isn’t on the list I’d love to hear it!

Expectations of Staff

This will be explained further in person and in the application, but a short list includes a willingness to grow and take on new things, the willingness to keep a good attitude, the willingness to pursue Godly Character, and the willingness to work at least forty hours a week (exceptions are provided for single-parents and married couples with kids). Raising personal finances is an expectation of team members.




Q. Do you provide staff housing?
A. We do not provide housing for staff at this time, though, we can help staff find housing in the Ogden area. During a Discipleship Training School we expect to secure community housing for the school staff and students. Throughout the week we have times of community – including worship times, ministry, and relaxed gatherings.

Q. What are your staff fees?
A.  Our staff housing and food fees are determined each season, though, food is usually $7 per day during a program and we’ve practiced canceling the housing fees for staff who are already renting in the community. In addition, if staff process support through our office, we do have a small fee attached. Contact us for more information.

Q. What is the minimum support level for staff?
A. Our campus doesn’t have a minimum support level, but this can be worked out case by case. You may expect to set a budget equal to that of a person looking for an apartment, maintaining a car, and providing for themselves. We would love to stand with you and assist you in the support raising process.