Do you have a heart for reaching Utah and the Nations? Though we are still in the beginning stages of seeing YWAM come to Utah, we would love to have you be involved. Right now we mostly need people to help staff the DTS in September of 2016, but soon we’ll have a need for almost any other position imaginable, from IT to accounting, and many more. Do  you feel God calling you to Utah? Please don’t hesitate to contact us and ask about options that we have available right now.

How to join?

Since we are not an official YWAM location yet, you will join staff @ YWAM Idaho-Boise Cascade. This also gives you the option to choose whether you want to be fully focused on helping us get ready and settled in Utah, or whether you would like to spend part of your time in Boise or Cascade helping us with other programs that we run there. When applying for staff, please let us know what your hopes are, what your vision for Utah is, and what area’s you would like to grow in. We are committed to helping you grow and to get you ready for whatever vision God has for you in the future!

Apply Now! (By pressing this link, you will be redirected to YWAM Idaho-Boise Cascade’s staff application)


Q. Do you provide staff housing?
A. We do not yet have all the details figured out, but our goal will be to provide staff housing in the Ogden area, local to the DTS. In addition, we can look with you at available rental options in the area. As a student city, Ogden is a good place to find rentals. We do value community living and fellowship between students and staff, so we will have ways to come together even for those living on their own.

Q. What are your staff fees?
A.  Our staff housing and food fees are yet to be determined. After we have a location we will know more about the costs of housing. The cost of food during a program will likely be around $200.