Why should you do your DTS in Utah?

  1. Passion

We are a team that loves to champion the passions of those we train. We want to know what you are willing to work towards and how we can get you there. You can see this expressed through our DTS tracks and the ACTS. Each of us can only do so much and God has put so much into the hearts of people everywhere – we want to serve that sort of passion.

2. Unique Opportunity

Utah is an incredibly beautiful state with many beautiful people, yet, it also ranks at the top of many negative lists across the country. Only a relationship with Jesus can save people out of sin and brokenness. By doing your DTS here you will get exposure to what it is like to minister in a place with a low-percentage of Christians and learn how to reach out compassionately to unique communities.

3. Dare To Become A Pioneer

Pioneering isn’t easy, but it is desperately needed across the world. In many places there isn’t even the opportunity for people to hear about Jesus while in other places there are great cultural walls between followers of Jesus and the rest of the community. The world is desperate for the Gospel and pioneering is a key to getting the Gospel to the people of the world. You will get take your DTS in an atmosphere of pioneering where new ideas are championed and new things start because of your commitment to walk in obedience with Jesus.

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