Though we try to keep our costs reasonable and we believe a Discipleship Training School is a worthy investment, it is not cheap. There are many ways in which people have raised the money to be able to come. Some students will work for the finances to take the DTS or ask friends and family to support their endeavor.

In addition to these general ways to raise the money to do your DTS, we would like to offer DTS scholarships in the future. At this moment, we do not have any scholarships available.

Some scholarships we are hoping to raise money for are:

A new believers scholarship. If you have only just come to Christ, we understand that it can be more difficult to raise support as you may not know very many believers who would be willing to support you. At the same time, we recognize that taking this time away to grow closer to God and to learn more about His hopes for your life would be a worthy investment both for you and for the people you will reach in the future. We are hoping to raise up a yearly scholarship to help new believers who are committed to growth come and do their DTS.

A Need based scholarship. No matter how long you have known and followed God, there is a significant difference between how much people have available to spent on a DTS. We hope to raise up yearly need based scholarships to help you take the DTS, even if funds are challenging for you.

Other scholarships. The scholarships that will be available will in part be dependent on those who are willing to give towards the scholarships. Therefore, I cannot be certain yet of which scholarships might be available in the future. Please check back in April to find a list of scholarships that will be available for the 2016-2017 Utah Compassion DTS.

No matter how much we’ll have available for scholarships, a scholarship will never cover your entire tuition fee. YWAM value # 16 states that we Practice Dependence on God. This is explained as “YWAM is called to practice a life of dependence upon God for financial provision.” Though we have to trust God as much for the money to offer scholarships as you to raise money yourself, we believe in the importance of learning to trust God for finances and seeing Him provide in many ways is an important part of DTS.

And whether you have people supporting you financially or not, having some people who will be following what you will learn and do during your DTS and who are committed to praying for you while you are gone, will be valuable to invest in. So don’t hesitate to share your desire to be a part of this DTS with others. Whether or not you need financial support, prayer support will help you in any case.