If you are coming from America you will obviously have the easiest time traveling to the DTS lecture phase. That said, there are some things to be thinking of for American students.

  1. Passport: Though the first three months of the Discipleship Training School will be held inside of the United States, we highly encourage you to apply for your passport before coming to the school. This will allow you to focus more fully on the lecture phase and not have to worry about still applying for your passport while the school is going.
  2.  Visa: As an American student you will not need a visa for traveling to Europe for your outreach. If we add an outreach location and you end up going to a place where you do need a visa, we will help you apply for the appropriate visa.
  3. Travel dates to the DTS: The Fall 2016 Utah Compassion DTS will start on Thursday September 8th. Though classes won’t start until Monday September 12th, we would ask you to arrive latest on September 8th to participate in orientation that weekend. We will share more information about arrival days in your welcome package. One thing I do want to mention here is that if your family is dropping you off, they are more than welcome to stay until the actual lectures start. In addition, we will have a welcome dinner on Sunday September 11th and all family will be invited to this.
  4. Travel in Europe after graduation: As an American Citizen you can visit the Schengen region (Hungary and The Netherlands, as well as most of Europe – but not England) for 90 days out of 180 days without needing a visa, or approximately 12 weeks. For the planned main outreach, we will be spending about 8 weeks in the Schengen region. This means that if you would like, you could stay in Europe for another 3-4 weeks to travel around. You don’t have to decide on this yet before coming to your DTS as we will be ordering your outreach plane tickets with you during the DTS lecture phase. That said, staying would add some extra cost to your DTS and if this is something you are interested in than we would like to let you know so that you can prepare for this option. For more information on visiting the Schengen region click here.
  5. Travel back home: You are responsible for your travel to and from the DTS. If you are flying, please take into consideration whether or not you are interested in staying longer in Europe after the DTS is over. If you are not sure yet, you might want to consider buying a one-way ticket instead of a return ticket. If you are going home right after the DTS, then feel free to book your return ticket for any date on or after March 1st.