When thinking about applying for a Discipleship Training School, you may have many questions. Though we probably won’t be able to answer all of them here, we do have some answers to more common questions that you might have.

FAQ – concerning the 2018 Utah DTS

Q. How much does the DTS cost?

A. The lecture phase of the DTS costs $3200 and the outreach phase approx $3000. This means that in total, your DTS will cost approximately $6200. — Note: if you are hoping to be a part of a certain focus, this may mean that extra finances will be required.


FAQ – concerning application

Q. I have filled out my application, but I don’t see a confirmation anywhere. Did I do something wrong?

A. You shouldn’t have. You do not receive an automatic confirmation after completing the form and if you have been transferred to the payment page everything should have been filled out. Have you filled out the form a couple of days ago and you still haven’t heard from us? Please don’t hesitate to contact us and ask about your application status.

Q. How often does it happen that a student is not accepted to do a DTS.

A. Not very often, though it has happened in the past. If for whatever reason you are not accepted, we will contact you and let you know why we cannot accept you to the school at this time. One simple reason could be that we do not have the capacity to take on more students, in which case an alternative could be to apply at a different DTS or to wait a year.

Q. I don’t have a pastor. Can I substitute the pastoral reference for anyone else?

A. Yes, you can. It is important to us to get reliable references and therefore we’d rather have you gain a reference from someone who actually knows you than for you to ask a pastor who doesn’t know you. That said, for the pastoral reference we would like you to find someone who knows about your spiritual growth. And we still want three references in total, so make sure that you ask a different person for the 1st and 2nd reference.

Q. I really don’t know yet who my references will be, but I would like to start filling out the application form. Is this possible?

A. Yes, feel free to start filling out the application form. Be aware that without knowing your references you have two options.

  1. You can fill out the first page of the application form providing us with your contact information. If you proceed to the reference page and then stop the application, we will gain access to the information you filled out on the first page. We will not get a notification of this, so it might take us a little longer to find out you filled out the first page, but when we do, we will contact you.
  2. You can fill out the whole form, filling out your own information in all three reference slots. This can be a good option if you are sure that you want to take part in the DTS, but you haven’t approached your references yet. If you do this, do be aware that we won’t process your application until we have received three reference forms.

Q. I can’t pay the application fee, can this fee be waived.

A. No, in principle this fee cannot be waived. However, if you have special circumstances that make it impossible for you to pay the fee, or to pay the fee at this time, you may contact us and we can talk about possible solutions.

Q. I wasn’t able to pay the Paypal fee at the end of the application form. Does this mean I will have to fill out another application?

A. No. It is possible to pay the $35 application fee in different ways and if you have filled out your entire application, but you have not paid your application fee yet, we will get in contact with you to talk about other ways to pay. After you have paid the fee, we will be able to change your application status to paid. Also, feel free to start approaching your references even if you haven’t paid the fee yet. It can take a while for references to fill out the form, giving you some time to pay the fee.

FAQ – concerning DTS worldwide

Q. How many DTS’s are there all around the world?

A. I don’t know exactly how many, but I know there are a lot. Everyone who is on staff with Youth With A Mission has done a Discipleship Training School and most YWAM locations offer one or more DTS’s a year.

Q. Why then would I go to Utah of all places?

A. Utah is a great place to learn and grow. Our DTS lecture phase is held in Ogden which is a student and military town, the town is also rather diverse and it is close to Salt Lake city. In both places you will have opportunities to work with people on the street as well as with many young people. And by being in a state that is %60+ LDS (Latter Day Saints or Mormon), you will actually get a clearer look at what we believe as Christians. During your DTS we would love for you to get a heart for God’s word and for His truth as well as for people from all backgrounds who might live right around you, or on the other side of the world. That said, if God is calling you to Uganda, than this might not be the right DTS for you.

Q. I want to do my DTS but I don’t feel Utah is the right place for me. Can you help me navigate the many options for DTS’s out there in the world.

A. Though we are excited for our own DTS, we understand that this may not be the place for you and we would love to come alongside of you. But even as long-term YWAM staff, we do not know all the DTS’s that are out there. That said, through our own knowledge and through other people we know inside of YWAM, we are more than willing to do what we can to help you find the DTS that is right for you.

FAQ – What if…

Q. I read your first blog and realize that it is possible for a DTS to be cancelled. What if that happens to my DTS?

A.  It is true that it is possible for a DTS to get cancelled and this upcoming DTS is not immune to that. However, we do not want this to keep you from signing up to take our DTS. If however, it looks like we will not have enough students to run the DTS we will be sure to get in contact with you. If this does happen, know that we have good relationships with several other YWAM bases and that we will be there for you to help you transfer to another DTS if this would be desirable to you. And be in prayer. If you feel that this is the DTS that God wants you to be a part of, then please pray with us that He will bring more students.

Q. What if I applied for the DTS but for whatever reason I am not able to come.

A. As YWAM’ers, we understand that life can be full of unexpected turns. Though we would love to have you as a part of our team, we will honor your decision to stay back if you need to. In principle, all payed fees, except for the $35 non-refundable application fee, can be payed back to you if you withdraw from the DTS before the DTS start date. If you withdraw after the DTS has started, we will return as many of your payed fees as we can. This might include any payed outreach fees, as well as any DTS lecture phase fees that have not yet been used. Please understand that this may not be the full amount that you have already payed.

Q. The DTS is starting, but I don’t have all of my lecture fees yet. Can I still take part in the DTS?

A. This depends. In the past we have allowed people to join the DTS lecture phase before all of their fees were paid. But we cannot guarantee this up front. Whether or not you will still be able to start your DTS is dependent on the overall financial situation of the DTS as well as on what we hear in prayer. Please contact us if you are struggling with your lecture fees and you need to know whether or not you’ll still be able to start the DTS.