YWAM Utah Campus is a campus of YWAM Idaho, Boise-Cascade – we are just getting started out here in Ogden, Utah, and we are looking forward to becoming our own full-fledged location within the next few years. Before that can happen we need to see an influx of partners, participants, staff, leaders, and pioneers.

Check out our working vision below and see if you fit in!

Our vision at YWAM Utah Campus is to seek God’s best for Utah and the World by preparing pioneering teams to take the good news and blessing of Jesus to individuals, families, cities, and the nations. 

We are local – Seeking God’s Best for Utah

We are global – Seeking God’s Best for the World

In our local context this looks like gathering people together for worship and Intercession, mercy ministry, sharing His good news with others, and training. We lead lives of prayer and intercession in our community and are willing to help out where needed and we specifically look for ways we can reach across cultural lines. We train teams that want to minister in Utah to be respectful, wise, and loving with others.

In our global context we want to help where help is most needed. We engage opportunities that we are invited into, that represent moments of strategic importance, and further the great commission. This may take the form of mercy ministry (as either relief or development), evangelism and church planting, and training pioneering teams to take on long-term roles in cross-cultural communities or short-term teams for greater effectiveness.

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