Our connection to YWAM Idaho & Youth With A Mission International


YWAM Idaho Boise-Cascade

YWAM Utah Campus is a campus of YWAM Idaho Boise-Cascade. YWAM Idaho’s battle cry is: “Equipping pioneers to complete the Great Commission.” And as such they are now equipping us to start this DTS in Utah. We are grateful for the great connections we have at and with YWAM Idaho.

Youth With A Mission International

Youth With A Mission International is a movement rather than an organization – a global movement. Though we provide eldership to each other and we all follow the same values, each operating location has a large level of autonomy. As everyone who wants to work for YWAM has to start by taking a 5-6 month training school called a Discipleship Training School (DTS), everyone who works for YWAM does have the same foundation. In addition to the foundation of the DTS, we also all share the same 18 Foundational Values.

The first two foundation values also form the Mantra for Youth With A Mission worldwide. They are: “To Know God & To Make Him Known.”

Check out this video for a quick 1 minute overview of Youth With A Mission International:


The three ways in which Youth With A Mission does ministry are:
Evangelism – The side of YWAM that is focused on sharing the good news of Jesus wherever God may sent us.
Training – The side of YWAM that is focused on training people to be better equipped to share the good news of Jesus and help those in need. YWAM’s trains their staff and students, but can also help in training up the wider body of Christ or even communities that may not yet know God.
Mercy Ministries – The side of YWAM that is focused on helping people and on meeting people’s needs. Mercy Ministry focuses on showing Gods love through practical acts of service.

In most cases, these three ways of reaching out to people are combined when actually doing ministry.

History of YWAM International

Youth With A Mission was founded in 1960 by Loren Cunningham and his wife Darlene. They found the organization after Loren had received a vision from God four years earlier. In this vision he saw waves of young people going throughout the world to do missions work. YWAM was founded in response to this vision, with the focus of getting youth involved in missions. The heart of YWAM is “to worship God, to serve God’s global purpose, and to champion young people” (YWAM); Working together to fulfill Jesus command to “go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation.” (Mark 16:15 NIV)

Since YWAM was founded in 1960, the organization has grown immensely and this has changed the way in which ministry is done. One of the things that has changed over time is that, though we still work a lot with and through young people, “we also involve people aged 8 to 80” (YWAM). In addition, the work of YWAM has expanded throughout the world. YWAM currently has over 1,100 operating locations in over 180 countries, with staff coming from over 130 countries.

From the beginning, Evangelism was an important aspect of Youth With A Mission and soon Training also showed to be a necessity. But according to YWAM Lausanne Switzerland, it was in 1979, almost 20 years after YWAM was founded, that something happened that solidified mercy ministries as a distinct way in which YWAM operates: The Cambodian refugee crisis.

In the aftermath of ten years of war, tens of thousands of Cambodians fled to the border of Thailand. Many were living in poor conditions in camps on the border of Cambodia and Thailand, and even after the Thai government allowed these refugees to stay in designated holding centers inside of Thailand, their situation did not improve much. Organizations like UNICEF (United Nations Children’s Fund) and ICRC (International Committee of the Red Cross) were allowed in to bring aid to the Cambodian refugees. The need however remained great.

Steve and Marie Goode, two of YWAM’s 1,800 full-time staff at the time, heard about the Cambodian refugee crisis in Thailand and decided to go there for three months to help. They ended up staying in Thailand and they would go on to direct YWAM’s refugee camp ministry.

Since then, YWAM has been involved in mercy ministry in many more ways all over the earth. We hope to step into this by training people inside of Utah to be able to reach out in Truth and in Love, both inside of Utah and throughout the nations of the world.

Would you like to learn more about how you can be a part of YWAM in Utah, Idaho, and the broader family of YWAM?

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