Moving to Utah

Our family gets to move into our first apartment in Utah today!

I suppose the move actually started last May, on the 22nd. That was when we took our first load of stuff from Idaho and dropped it off into storage in Utah.

Now, the movement of stuff seems like a bad way to define moving, but the experience has certainly showed me how my heart can get attached to a place, or at least the place where all my stuff is.


Well, I think its because my heart wants to control things.

Just by having stuff it can seem like disappointments can get absorbed by its mass, but this really isn’t true. It only seems to be true. A place to live can also seem like control, but its not. Rents are dependent on your ability to pay them and even if you own property you do not control the earth or its weather.

This is something that God has been using to reshape the way my heart feels and the way my mind thinks.

As we’ve been moving, I’ve read through the book of Proverbs and the one phrase that stood out the most this time around is “the fear of the Lord…”

Here’s a short list of verses where that phrase shows up – “the fear of the Lord“.

It is the beginning of wisdom and knowledge, but also in is also life and safety.

I don’t need stuff to feel less discouraged – I need the fear of the Lord, to know His way, and to know Him so that I may have life!

I don’t need to be in control – I need the fear of the Lord, to understand His way, and to understand who He is so that I can trust in His safety!

What do you notice first in Proverbs?

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