Winter opportunity in Idaho

It’s getting cold here in the Idaho mountains. And as my son is praying for snow, we are busy preparing for our January 2016 Bible School for the Nations (BSN). Have you done your DTS and would you like to devote 5 months to reading through and studying the Bible? Then I would highly recommend the BSN to you.


I personally did my BSN in the winter of 2014 and it was a great time of studying the Bible together. I specifically like the fact that the BSN is not only focused on studying the Bible, but also in growing you to become more able to teach from it. Throughout the school you will have several opportunities to teach to your class mates and you will have weekly practice in telling stories from the Bible. In addition, you can go on the optional outreach for the BSN called BELT – Biblical Education and Leadership Training. This is a great place to practice your skills while equipping church leaders and missionaries in other countries to share Gods story more effectively with the people they serve.

Interested in the Bible School for the Nations? Please click on the image to be transported to the YWAM Idaho Boise-Cascade BSN website.

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